Voter Guide & Champions for Migrant Families

U.S. house candidates

Georgia 08, Jimmy Cooper (3)

Georgia 11, Flynn Broady Jr. (D)

Georgia 12, Francys Johnson (D)

Illinois 16, Sara Dady (D)

Sara Dady is a wife, a mother, a business owner and an immigration attorney. She is running for Congress to work for safe, healthy communities, a strong middle class and secure retirements for everyone. Sara support Medicare for All, $15 minimum wage, strong unions and common sense immigration reform that never separates children from their families. She lives in her hometown of Rockford, IL with her husband and their two children who attend the same public schools and 4-H club she did.

Pennsylvania 05, Mary Gay Scanlon (D)

U.S. State and local candidates


Phil Weiser (D), Running for Colorado Attorney General

Phil Weiser is the Hatfield Professor of Law, Dean Emeritus, and the Founder and Executive Director of the Silicon Flatirons Center for Law, Technology, and Entrepreneurship at the University of Colorado Law School. He served in the Obama Administration as a Deputy Assistant Attorney General in the U.S. Department of Justice and as Senior Advisor for Technology and Innovation at the White House’s National Economic Council. Phil lives with his wife and two children in Denver. Learn more at


Chris Benton (D), Running for State House, District 131

Husband, father, and blue collar worker from rural GA - is the democratic candidate for GA House District 131. His community is one of the most impoverished areas in the state. He was moved to serve through a desire to see all his neighbors doing well. With a belief that we must put people ahead of idealism and party politics, Chris touts an agenda based on raising wages, ensuring everyone has healthcare coverage, and public investment in education "from cradle to career". Chris and his wife Jolee live in Thomaston, GA with their two children and rescue dog Onyx Rose.

Lillian Burnaman (D), Running for State House, District 20

I am currently in my 41st year as an educator. I have lived in my district for 30 years. My husband and two children are gainfully employed. At 63, I have many reasons for running, but basic human rights are crucial. My concerns range from the ecology of Georgia, fair and livable wages and healthcare for its citizens. I have a survey on League of Women's Voters as well as AJC.

Salvatore Castellana (D), Running for State House, District 35

Rick Day (D), Running for State House, District 007

Alison Feliciano (D), Running for State House, District 17

Alison Feliciano is a CEO, Speaker, Author but most importantly a wife and mother of 2 children which are her priority. She calls it the Inner Circle. “If you protect and teach the Inner Circle outside of it you are unstoppable!” Alison will soon be published in her 5th book with a group of authors and has her solo project coming soon. Alison has been in the Finance, Mortgage and Real Estate industries in different capacities for over 28 years. Although she is passionate about educating people in the areas of money, credit and debt, above it all it’s her calling to help people to DREAM BIG! Alison believes in being transparent and has shared her story of “tragedy to triumph” from growing 2 companies from scratch to losing it all in the recession and rebuilding it all again. Additionally sharing how the loss of her husband, a Gulf War Veteran to suicide has further fueled her passion to help Veterans get the benefits that they so deserve but to also help Georgians get the mental health services that are desperately needed. A native New Yorker since moving to Georgia Alison has been able to begin to speak to various groups in the area but has a passion of bringing her message to the body of Christ. Alison Feliciano’s straight-from-the-heart, high-energy, passionate message motivates and engages all audiences to step into their greatness, providing them with the motivation to take the next step toward living their dream. Alison Feliciano’s charisma, warmth and sense of humor has impacted many lives.

Sally Harrell (D), Running for State House, District 40

Phyllis Hatcher (D), Running for State Senate, District 17

El-Mahdi Holly (D), Running for re-election, State House, District 111

"Our nation must still realize a more structured pathway to citizenship. However, demonizing immigrants and subjecting families to inhuman incarceration tactics, racial or anti-religious profiling, and anything less than the respectful treatment we would show even our naturalized citizenry is both unacceptable and un-American. As a schoolteacher and believer in interfaith cooperation, I know firsthand that all our children, with full acceptance of their cultural, socio-economic, gender identities, deserve the fair treatment that is implicit in the laws of our state. These are sensibilities that relate to both child and adult. If elected, I will continue my pledge in legislating the interest in forming the beloved community about which Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. so aspiringly spoke, where all people are judged not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. Border protection policies may still be implemented and enforced without encouraging its enforcers to be limited in their capacity to show compassion or to more reasonably exercise restraint."

Essence Johnson (D), Running for State House, District 45

Julie Jordan (D), Running for State House, District 179

Angelika Kausche (D), Running for State House, District 50

Donna McLeod (D), Running for State House, District 105

Michael Morgan (D), Running for State Senate, District 54

Andrea Nugent (D), Running for State House, District 47

Anne OBryant (D), Write-in for State Senate, District 30

Sheikh Rahman (D), State Senator Elect

Charles Ravenscraft (D), Running for State House, District 22

Fred Swan (D), Commissioner of Agriculture

As Georgia's next Commissioner of Agriculture, I understand how important that it is that we create an economy that works for everyone, including immigrants and undocumented workers. Agriculture is Georgia's #1 industry, but not only are most people not seeing the benefit of it, but also our farm workers (who are primarily immigrants) are some of the most abused in the state. I stand against Trump and all his inhumane policies that separate families, as well as policies put forth that would limit the number of migrant worker visas. While yes, our migrant and immigrant workers are vital to Georgia's agricultural economy, more than that, they are human beings who deserve our respect. I will fight for the rights of immigrants both within my department and throughout the state.

Tom Thomason (D), Running for State House, District 71

Christine Triebsch (D), Running for State Senate, District 32

Like many others, when images and reports of children alone in cages began to appear, I was disgusted and ashamed of what my country was doing to immigrants. In June of 2018 I traveled with other friends and family to Atlanta where we attended the "Families Belong Together Rally" held at the United States Immigration Court in an effort to show my support for those being detained separately from their families.  A video from the event can be found on my Campaign's Facebook page at:

I continue to advocate for reunification, humane treatment, and due process for those in detention. When elected for Georgia State House Representative for District 21 in Cherokee County, Georgia, I intend to champion immigrants rights so that these tragedies never occur in Georgia or the United State again.

Melanie Whitfield (D), Running for State House, District 21


Tammy Savoie (D), Running for Louisiana’s 1st Congressional District


Holly Budd (D), Running for County Commissioner, District 3

New York

James Gaughran (D), Running for State Senate, District 5


Jules Walters (D), Running for City Council of West Linn


Daryl Boling (D), Running for State House, 152nd Legislative District


Mona Das (D), Running for State Senate, District 47

Victoria Mena (D), Running for State House, 31st Legislative District

Rebecca Saldaña (D), Running for re-election, State Senate, 37th Legislative District

My-Linh Thai (D), Currently the School Board Director, Running for State Representative, LD41, position 2

Claire Wilson (D), Running for State Senate, 30th Legislative District

Champions for Migrant Families


Janet Mitchell (D), Precinct committee chair & state convention delegate


Cynthia Adkins (D), Mayor of Medina City Council