Lawyer Moms Pledge to Protect Migrant Families

Lawyer Moms of America calls upon all Members of Congress, other elected officials, and candidates to lead with their heart and conscience to protect immigrant children and families from the cruel policies of family separation and arbitrary and prolonged detention. This call to action stems from the values most fundamental to the United States: that all human beings are created equal, are endowed with fundamental rights and freedoms, and are deserving of a life free from abuse and suffering.

I hereby declare that:

No person is illegal.

All parents have a fundamental right to family integrity.

It is generally presumed that remaining with their parents is in the best interest of every child.

Seeking asylum is not a criminal act.

Families fleeing violence should not be treated as criminals.

Accordingly, I pledge to support legislation that would:

Require exhaustive efforts by the Executive branch to reunite each and every child who was separated from his or her parents by the U.S. Government under the Department of Justice’s “zero tolerance” policy, and create a congressional task force to oversee such efforts.

Prohibit, as a matter of law, the indiscriminate separation of migrant children from their parents.

Immediately and permanently end the indefinite detention of children and families.

Restore domestic violence and gang violence as grounds for seeking asylum in the U.S.

Investigate the credible allegations that children have been abused, beaten, neglected, and unnecessarily medicated while in the custody of the United States.