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Children detained indefinitely in overcrowded detention facilities. Children caring for babies. Lack of access to food, clean water, and sanitation. Babies in soiled clothing. Refused medical care. 

Lawyer Moms of America refused to watch while the government tore children from their parents' arms. We won’t sit back while children are detained indefinitely in unsafe, unsanitary conditions. It’s time to let our lawmakers know that we haven’t looked away. Help us demand the compassionate care of migrant children and codification of the American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations for Immigrant Children in Detention.

SIGN! Make and impact by signing our open letter demanding compassionate treatment of migrant children and families.

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SHOW-UP! Maximize your impact by showing up to deliver the letter to your federal lawmakers at Noon (local time) on August 22nd. Find a letter delivery in your state or congressional district. If you don’t see one, plan one. It’s easy to make a powerful difference using our toolkit.

Last year we thousands of Lawyer Moms of America supporters nationwide hand delivered an open letter signed by over 14,000 people demanding an end to child separation and the reunification of separated families. The letter reached over 330 federal lawmakers in 49 states. We can do it again. 

Demand the compassionate treatment of migrant children (and all migrants) in U.S. government custody. Immigration policy may be complicated, but basic humanity is not.