The Lawyer Moms Travel Bank has collected approximately 1.2 pledged miles since July 2018

The Lawyer Moms Travel Bank collects pledges of airline frequent flyer miles and coordinates travel for immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers. We also provide travel for attorneys doing volunteer immigration work.

Since July 2018, we have used approximately 1.2 million pledged miles (and funds of around $3000) to provide over 60 flights. Thanks to our generous donors of both miles and funds:

  • We reunited several children and parents separated by the family separation policy, including flying two children to Guatemala (in two separate cases) to be reunited with their parents who had been previously deported without them.

  • We provided travel to two young mothers who were being held in a youth detention facility together with their own young children. Plane tickets provided by our donors allowed these young mothers to be released from detention on their 18th birthdays (along with their babies) instead of going to adult detention and being separated from their children.

  • We provided flights to dozens of asylum seekers (including several families) upon release from detention to relocate them to family and support systems across the country.

  • We provided travel to immigrant families for treatment of urgent medical needs.

  • We flew volunteer attorneys to the South Texas Family Residential Center in Dilley, Texas to do vital immigration work.

We are still collecting donations of miles and funds for this important work. While the stories of the individuals we are able to help are private, we let donors know exactly how their miles are being used.

For more information about the Lawyer Moms Travel Bank, please email