Will you stand with us on August 22nd and personally deliver a copy of the letter to your federal lawmakers? Anyone can organize a Letter Delivery!

2019 Letter Delivery Toolkit

Sign, Share, Show-Up!

You can advocate for compassionate treatment of migrant children at the southern border and in U.S. Government custody. Here are some ways to join us on our day of action:


SIGN! Make and impact by signing our open letter demanding compassionate treatment of migrant children and families.

SHARE! Multiply your impact by sharing the letter with your friends and family on social media! 

SHOW-UP! Maximize your impact by showing up to deliver the letter to your federal lawmakers at Noon (local time) on August 22nd. Find a letter delivery in your state or congressional district or plan your own letter delivery!


Anyone can organize a Letter Delivery!

Find your Members of Congress: Look up your U.S. Senators and your U.S.Representatives.

Make an Appointment: If no letter delivery is planned in your state or congressional district (find events here), call your Senators or Representatives at their district office to make an appointment. If the member can’t meet with you on the 22nd, let the staff member know that you will be “dropping by” to deliver an open letter calling for compassionate treatment of migrant children at the border

Create a Facebook Event: Create a FB event so that other Lawyer Moms supporters can find your letter delivery. Share it in the Lawyer Moms of America FB page and your personal FB page.

Register your Letter Delivery: Fill out this form (no longer active) to make sure your letter delivery is listed on our website.

Prep for the Letter Delivery: Send a local press release and prep for your letter delivery by reviewing our FAQs. We will send you a copy of the letter with signatures by end of day on August 21.

Deliver the Letter: A typical letter delivery will take 20 to 40 minutes. Gather your group outside the office. Choose one person to take the lead in speaking to the staff member and presenting the letter. Once inside, explain that you are delivering a letter demanding compassionate care of migrant children and asking Congress to codify the recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics for Immigrant Children in Detention. Give other attendees a chance to address the staff person, if they wish. Ask to see the lawmaker.

Amplify Your Effort: Ask if the lawmaker or a staff person will take a picture with you for social media. Take a picture (with or without the lawmaker) and ask EVERYONE in your group to post to Facebook and/or Twitter. Include the state, lawmaker’s name, and the hashtags #deliverthemessage. Check out our sample tweets and posts. 

Follow-up: Follow-up with your Senators and Representatives and ask what she or he is doing to protect migrant children.